About My Internship

About Me

My name is Liana Langley. I am a fourth-year student at the Ivey Business School pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration and Urban Development with a sustainability certificate. I am a travel enthusiast, mindful wanderer, and new urbanist.

Internship Placement and Partner(s)

I will be staying in Mwanza, Tanzania in partnership with Education for Better Living (EBLI).

EBLI is a registered nongovernmental organization in Mwanza, Tanzania, which works to contribute to the reduction of teenage pregnancies and the rate of school dropout. EBLI also contributes to economic empowerment for those who have dropped out of school to live a life free of coercion, discrimination and gender-based violence (GBV). Please review EBLI’s Impact Page to learn more about the organization’s work in Mwanza.

Internship Goals

  1. Monitoring of the various interventions carried by EBLI
  2. Participate in the training and seminars conducted by EBLI
  3. Carry out a survey to determine the relevance of EBLI activities in relation to the needs of the young people.
  4.  Advise EBLI on its interventions going forward(as a result of your observation and experience)